Brindle St James

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30th March 17

Mission Statement:
Brindle St James' Church of England Primary School is committed to ensuring that all pupils and other members of the school community develop their full academic, social and spiritual potential, and so achieve excellence within the context of our Christian family.

Our children are the heart of this Church of England Primary School.





What our parents say:


"My child is happy and enjoys coming to school.  He has a wonderful relationship with his teacher and teaching assistant."


"The pupils are encouraged to strive towards academic excellence.  Each child is assessed individually and their education tailored accordingly."


"There is a strong church connection."


"This school is extremely caring and interested in the children not just as pupils, but people who have lives outside the school.  The school environment is calm and purposeful and the children are happy! Thank you all !"


"This school has staff with the incredible ability to recognise each child’s talent and strengths and build their weaknesses.  Giving each child however timid, confidence in themselves."


"It is part of the village community, where people support and communicate to bring about improvements for the school and well-being of each child."


"The school is really good all round, The kids are pleasant and seem happy; the staff are friendly and competent.  Overall St. James' is a happy ship and I am pleased my child goes there."


"I am delighted with Brindle St. James'.  My child loves coming to school and I would highly recommend it to family and friends.  Drama is also very important at Brindle and this encourages confident children, which is great!"